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Aerial Video Australia provides quality aerial film footage anywhere in Australia. We use ultra light aircraft to shoot high definition video at a fraction of the cost of helicopter based platforms.

As well as filming air to ground landscapes and activity, we can also video other aircraft air to air. We have expertise in mounting miniature cameras on aircraft and other moving vehicles. The video below shows a range of the type of footage we can shoot for your next program.

We can also provide satelite animations. The one in the video below was of the Australian east coast dust storms in 2009.

The shots in this video have not had any post production stabilization (which dramatically reduces the camera picture resolution).

Please excuse the text that we have had to plaster over the video to prevent unauthorised use.
This became necessary because NETWORK TEN AUSTRALIA hacked our web site files and have now broadcast our video on 3 separate occasions without permission. We asked them for a charity donation in lieu of a payment to us but Alison Kerr, Senior Legal Counsel at Channel TEN refused what we considered to be an honourable solution.

Music is by Victor Spiegel Music and Film Scores

We have an extensive selection of footage of the amazing meteorological phenomenon the Morning Glory Cloud in Burketown, Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, Australia

Aerial image of the Nullarbor Cliffs
Aerial image of Birdsville
Aerial image of Albert River, Gulf of Carpentaria